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Why Investing Your Marketing Dollar in SEO is Better Than Social Media Marketing

SEO services in Los Angeles vs Social MediaThere has been a lot of debate recently about the best way to spend for businesses to spend their marketing dollars. While it’s clear that marketing is essential to growing a business, what isn’t clear is exactly what type of marketing to invest in. As you can see from this here, there are a ridiculous amount of marketing methods that businesses have the opportunity to choose from. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus squarely on SEO and social media marketing.

SEO Is More Valuable Than Social Media Marketing

The reason that SEO is so much more valuable than social media marketing is because dedicating your business to SEO means that you will make it much easier for customers that are actively searching for the products or services you offer to find you. Conversions will therefore be higher because the people that are searching for your products or services are already in their buying cycle.

With social media, on the other hand, finding customers that are in their buying cycle is much more difficult. It generally takes a lot of time and effort to dedicate yourself to different tactics that can help you find those types of customers through social media. If handled the wrong way, this proactive approach can also create a bad perception around your business because of how pushy and desperate your sales pitch may seem.

Creating a Valuable Marketing Plan

The best type of SEO is that which also allows you to provide valuable content for your potential customers. This is best known as ‘content marketing’ throughout the marketing community. A lot of people tend to think that content marketing and SEO are different. It seems, however, that the two have actually become one as google and other search engine algorithms have changed to the point where SEO is much more prominently based on the strength of a website’s content.

With modern search engine algorithms the way they are, the bottom line is that when you make a commitment to giving your customers valuable information, this will then allow you to gain exposure. This also creates the opportunity for other websites to help you to further your SEO efforts when they link to your content. When SEO and content are strong, this then sets up the opportunity to also become prominently featured in the social media sphere. It should be pointed out, however, that committing to strong SEO and content will always need to precede a commitment to social media marketing.

The Best Marketing Practice

No matter what way you look at it the best marketing practice is always going to be to combine the two and make a commitment to investing in both SEO and social media marketing. If you don’t have the type of budget that allows you to do this, however, than committing to SEO will allow you to get a better jump start on your competition than what social media marketing can provide. At the end of the day your business is about making conversions that lead to revenue. SEO enables potential customers to find your site and purchase your products or services quickly and easily, making you money in the process.

Why SEO Will Be Even More Crucial For Businesses in Los Angeles in 2015

SEO for Small Business, Los Angeles SEO for small businessSEO has become increasingly important in recent years as search engine giants like Google and Bing continue to change their algorithms and force websites to make changes to the way they do things. Websites everywhere are beginning to realize just how important SEO is and will continue to be. As we look forward to the upcoming year, here’s a look at just a few reasons that SEO will be even more crucial for your Los Angeles business in 2015:

Opportunity to Level the Playing Field

The changes to search engine algorithms are forcing some Los Angeles based businesses and websites to start their SEO campaigns all over again. Google and Bing have made it clear that black hat SEO tactics will no longer be tolerated and that websites need to focus solely on white hat techniques in order to rank highly in their search engines. These changes have created an opportunity for small businesses to begin competing with large businesses for ranking.

The white hat SEO techniques that we’re referring to involves a dedication to developing high quality content for a human audience. While large businesses certainly have more resources to create this content, there is still an opportunity for even the smallest businesses to create better and more informative content that competes with large businesses. This shift to content marketing brings the benefits of a small business storefront to the Internet as small businesses now have the opportunity to show customers and visitors that they can provide information, knowledge, and service to customers much faster and in a more personalized manner than a large company can.

More Educated Consumers

There was a time when the Internet was only understood by a certain portion of the population and therefore only a certain number of potential consumers were able to navigate their way through search engines. Today, however, consumers throughout Los Angeles, California and also the world, are more educated and tech-savvy than ever. Billions of people have access to the Internet on both computers and mobile phones and that number will only continue to increase in the future.

As this increase takes place, the importance of SEO becomes even more imperative in an attempt to position yourself at the top of the search rankings. Search engines are becoming important than ever in the buying decisions of consumers and the combination of these two factors is leading to SEO being one of the best possible ways for businesses to convert customers while in their buying cycles.

Internet is Becoming Saturated

As the amount of educated consumers increases, so too does the amount of websites and businesses that are trying to earn money from them. The Internet is becoming saturated with millions of new websites each year. As SEO is a long term process, not keeping up with it on a consistent basis can quickly leave you in the dust as new competition continues to arise.

These are just a few reasons why SEO will continue to be crucial in the upcoming year and beyond. Committing to a strategy that enables you to provide top notch SEO for your Los Angeles business will be essential to competing in the ever changing online marketplace. For more info on SEO and how it can tremendously benefit your Los Angeles based company, please visit – Los Angeles #1 SEO services provider.